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PCCC and Montclair: A Pair To Provide A Better Tomorrow by Paul Angel Perdomo and Jadelyn Villa

On Monday, March 25th, in room A127, Passaic County Community College and Montclair State University held an articulation agreement signing ceremony to offer students to transfer to Montclair after graduating from PCCC and make a smooth transfer pathway to those planning to continue their education at MSU. There are 5 representations at each table with their purpose and good benefits for the students.  

Lisa Garrity, the Transfer Admissions Counselor, provides assistance to students who apply to Montclair and learn more about the university.  

Celeste Van Nice, the Assistant Dean for Student Affairs, offers majors in science and mathematics. The program hosts a school for computer programming and maintains the necessary classes needed to achieve a bachelor’s degree at Montclair. 

In the Student Success Center, Career and Internship Advisor Jeffrey Poulos, M.A. and CPRW provides information about the College for Community Health and provides health and science-related majors, from family science and nutrition/food service to physical education and public health. Students pursuing careers in the health and science industry will require internship programs and post-graduation opportunities.  

The PCCC Office of Student Affairs offers PCCC students activities, the TRiO program, STEM, etc. to help students achieve academic success and successfully graduate.  

MSU Academic Advisor for the College of Humanities and Social Sciences Patrick Haggerty provides a wide variety of majors, which includes some of the largest majors like Psychology and Criminal Justice. He spends time with students and helps them understand all professional career opportunities with their programs.  

Director of International Academic Initiatives Tim White offers shortened study programs for students who can’t get away for the whole semester. He handles MSU’s study abroad programs and incoming exchange students.

PCCC and Montclair’s signed articulation agreement is beneficial for those who are planning to apply to MSU post-graduation. Each section gave information about their programs and how they can help students build a bright future.

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