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Muslim Student Association hosts Paint and Sip Event

Paterson, NJ - On Mar. 1, 2023, the Muslim Student Association invited students to gather in the Paterson Room for a Paint and Sip event from 12 to 2 pm.

Students were given canvases to paint while music was played in the background. Students had the option of enjoying warm beverages such as coffee or tea while they painted.

When asked what prompted her to participate, student Nahyelly Nunez stated, “I wanted to engage with my friends in an activity that I enjoy.” She then shared the inspiration behind her painting: “Love, life, and mishaps. Dropping tea on my canvas inspired me to fix my mistake and make it something better. It gave me the idea to drift from my objective and go abstract.” She continued with what she liked about the event, “Today felt like an accomplished mission. I liked making new friends and sharing this experience with new people.”

The Muslim Student Association can be contacted at and runs events consistently throughout the semester.

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