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Dear Sleep, We need you!

Provided by Passaic County Community College's Nursing Student Organization

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Summer was waking up at noon, endless late nights with friends and family, barbeques, and, overall, a break from reality. Summer was practically effortless. Now that school has started, it may be difficult to resume a daily routine. We’re asked to balance lectures, course work, and our personal lives, but in doing so, we seem to neglect our sleep. Did you know that the average adult requires 7-9 hours of sleep each night to feel well

rested in the morning?

Sleep deprivation can have serious consequences including memory impairment, trouble concentrating,

and diminished critical thinking skills. Signs and symptoms of sleep deprivation include:

• Daytime fatigue

• Irritability or anxiety

• Poor appetite or excessive eating to stay awake

If you’re exhibiting any of these signs and symptoms, we’ve reached out to Sleep for some quick tips.

• Turn off electronic devices 30 minutes before bed. Light exposure has a negative effect on sleep.

• Create a sleeping sanctuary with the right temperature, dim lights, soothing music, and maybe even an essential oil diffuser.

• Take a soothing shower or bath; use warm water to relax the muscles.

• Exercise regularly. This can decrease stress and improving the quality of sleep. Avoid exercise a few hours before bed time.

• Limit the intake of alcoholic beverages, ca eine, and large meals several hours before bed.

• Try therapeutic measure like drinking chamomile tea, meditating, and deep breathing exercises.

Develop your own sleep regimen and give yourself two weeks to get into a routine. You can find more information on Healthy Sleeping by visiting the following link:

Stay tuned for next month’s article regarding Breast Cancer


Until then...sleep tight!

Yours truly,

Nursing Student Organization (NSO)

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