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BHCC's Bake Sale by Paul Angel Perdomo

On April 1st, the Black History & Cultural Club held the Colors of the African Diaspora Bake Sale here in the Broadway Gallery at Passaic County Community College. This was the club’s first fundraiser to raise funds for the club’s future events and activities and to leave money for the next people who are going to be in charge since the president will be graduating this year.  

The goal for this bake sale is to raise $500 for the end-of-the-year semester party for the club to celebrate all that’s been accomplished in a short time for the newly active club. The club’s mission is to spread knowledge about the contributions of the Black/African people of the world, how they contribute to society, and bring the community together while interacting with others. They want to share the similarities and differences of those with Black and/or African heritages. 

To summarize, this fundraiser was the first bake sale of the newly active club to raise money for future activities and events coming soon. The club’s main goals are sharing and interacting with the cultures & history of those of Black and/or African background.

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