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23 and Me

Just three years ago, personal genomics and biotechnology company, 23andme’s full services released to the public in October, 2015. Within the short amount of years, the company has gained recognition and popularity. Many youtubers and blog news feeds have shared their experience of curiosity and excitement. 23andme was named after the 23 pairs of chromosomes in a normal human cell. The company offers three packages.

Ancestry only $99

Ancestry + Health (wellness & traits) $169

Ancestry + Health (Wellness, traits, genetic health and carrier status.) $199

Many have indulged with the health test to explore their wellness and traits. Advisor of Visions Newspaper, Dr. Christine Redman- Waldeyer, has taken this test to inform herself on the possibilities of genetic illnesses and ancestry. Not only is Dr. Waldeyer more informed, but now equipped with the necessary steps to prevent any illnesses in the future. “ It is beneficial to be aware of your genetic making; who knows what you can find,” Dr. Waldeyer added. The process of getting tested consist of spitting into a given saliva kit and sending it back to the 23andme headquarters located in Mountain View, California.

Some individuals have been hesitant when deciding to take the test due to unclarified privacy due to the discovery of Sacramento County district using 23andme to capture the notorious, Golden state murder.

“We will not share your individual data without your explicit consent.” 23andme announced. By the federal law (GINA) you have protection from any employer and health insurance providers discrimination based on your genetics. 23andme does not provide information to law enforcement unless they are required to comply with a valid subpoena or court order.

If you are interested in diving into the unknown of your DNA, you can visit and purchase your very first kit.

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