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"Zooming" on Career and Transfer Opportunities

In a time of uncertainty, many students at PCCC are worried about their future opportunities. The Career and Transfer office provided a unique online event in which students asked their questions and voiced their concerns.

The event was held by the Career and Transfer office via a Zoom virtual meeting on April 22nd. The department focuses on future opportunities for students of the college in their path toward transferring to a four-year institution. The purpose of the virtual event was to reassure students that the office still stands as a platform to ask questions and seek information regarding their future.

The meeting was held by the coordinator of Career and Professional Readiness, Tom Moore, along with other “career doctors.”

While several students attended the event, it was also the office’s first virtual event since the closing of the school and the switch to an online platform. Many of the students were concerned regarding transferring, specifically, those who were on-track to graduate this spring or next winter.

“It is important to proceed with your applications and follow your school’s admission process,” said Moore.

“This is a difficult and new moment in the college’s history that is affecting everyone across the board. We are doing everything we can to assure students that their future does not have to be paused.”

20-year-old computer science major Ossama Eldrissi voiced his concern as well.

“Many students who were expecting a smooth transition to their four-year university are now confused,” Eldrissi expressed. “I hope that this entire situation does not affect our future endeavors.”

While the COVID-19 concerns were expressed in the meeting, security and faith were also expressed by the Career and Transfer office. The meeting varied from speaking about the next steps for transferring to seeking job opportunities to those in need.

With a wave of fear and worry for students across campus, the event offered a sense of ease to many students’ concerns.

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