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Yoga Event With The Wellness Center! By: Dixon Rexach Toro

On Wednesday, February 7th, at 1:00 pm to 2:00pm, inside the Panther’s Den Lounge near the gym, Director of The Center of Wellness, Student Advocacy, and Prevention Lia Rowe has made herself a host of the Wellness Center’s yoga session event, in which Peer Leader Dixon Rexach Toro, Student Assistant Olga Rodriguez, and other PCCC students came to rejuvenate and replenish themselves to alleviate any tension and stress in their body through the ancient art of Hatha Yoga. 

This is one of a 3-part series. The next two yoga sessions will be held on March 6th and May 1st around the same time and place. 

Don't miss this chance, join the Wellness Center next time! 

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