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Wrap up Fiesta

By: Alyssa Taylor and Rayah Hammad

On Tuesday, October 15th, 2019 PCCC students from various nationalities and backgrounds participated in the wrap-up fiesta in celebration for heritage month.

Students quietly surrounded Carlos Pavan, a guitarist, who was the highlight of the event. Pavan is from Argentina and immigrated to the United States at a young age “it was life shifting” he said.

Pavan continued to express how playing the guitar gave him an outlet to understand and get along with those of different cultural backgrounds. The Argentinian guitarist played a very emotional symphony called “La luz” which means a shadow or light.

He had dedicated this heartfelt song to his mother because it is a constant reminder for him that his mother is apart of his shadow, which he could never live without.“La luz” was a constant motivation and inspiration for Pavan as he continued to interact with people who were not familiar with his culture, background, and language.

Paven went on to say, “it helped me to stay out of trouble as I interacted with a different culture” Towards the end of the event, Paven played his last song, which students appreciated and gave him a round of applause.

Ranim Wahdan, 20, Biology major, said “ it was very fun being apart of the audience because it gave me a sense of a culture I know little about” she continues to say “I am surrounded by people that I’d love to know more about, concerning their culture and through the OSA activities I have this chance.”

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