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Women's History Month Open Submissions

Updated: Jan 22

As part of our Women's History Month for Submission, we received an abundance of student works to share with the community.

More than Your Eyes can Behold

Contributed by Isabel Feria Martinez

You question me about who I am

Everywhere I go I feel your stare

You watch me close as I go up the stairs

I see the eyes of the world hate me for my identity

They detest the soft look in my eyes

They would rather kiss my lips

Lust me up

Asking to sleep in my bed?

You refuse to admit who I am

More than my body

More than the touch of my gentle hands

More than my beauty

More than my thighs and the color of my skin

If you give me protection, I can give you honor

If you give me love, I can give you respect

If you touch my heart, I will give you pleasure

If you give me hope, I will surrender

If you give me consistency, I will give you loyalty

Stop asking me to be something I’m not

Stop spreading lies about me

Stop telling me who I am!

I am not a harlot or a dirty object

I am who I am

Precious, beloved, bride

Glory of men

The nurture of children

The helper of a humble man

Created for such a time as this The daughter of a Mighty King

I am a W O M A N


Contributed by Luis Rosas


Contributed by Alexis Plummer

A Princess in Shining Armor

Contributed by Crystal M. Manuel

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