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Will By Dixon Rexach Toro

Life, like a farm during harvest season, is the experience you get after reaping what you sow.

It can be as dark as a crow, or it can be as beautiful as the sun rests down low.

That's up to you what you want to see.

Your Will can provide you with what you agree to be.

Through the drive to get what you want, satisfaction will come.

It's better to accept how you feel about your life versus making yourself numb.

Man’s greatest reason to live, as I see it, is the power of Creation.

What occurs in the Universe happens through causation.

How has this Great Experience, this life you’re living, been treating you?

Have you been seeing your favorite type of hue?

Our Will, as one may see, is more like a tree.

Creativity, expression, self-truth, its branches – a life with Soul in it, full of glee.

The Individual must be seen and heard,

To follow its own path far away from the herd.

By getting what you want, you reign supreme like a ruler on a throne, Power.

By destroying all possibilities and keeping what you seek, your life blossoms into a lotus flower.

The Will seems to be as potent in its destructiveness as Fire.

It will transform the old ways of living to one that you desire.

Like fire, burn all things that may cause resistance to what you are creating.

Squeeze out of life what you want from this world, don’t keep yourself waiting.

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