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Why you should attend PCCC’s Resume Workshop

—By Pablo Lopez

A resume workshop, was held via zoom twice on April 29th once in the afternoon and in the evening. It went does into deep detail on what managers and future employers crave in potential candidates for important positions.

The GCR Global foundation (Goodwill Creating Opportunities) states “Most hiring managers will tell you that they use a resume as a screening tool to select which candidates to interview and which to rule out.” The charisma one has may never be given the chance if they do not create a resume or do not set high standards for their resume.

The workshop was hosted by Andrew Lewis and advised by Professor Stony Pak. Both advisers asked and answered questions and gave out their emails and information for those in attendance to further the audience knowledge and understanding. But what did go on during the workshop? Here is what you missed.

The main statement given by Lewis is that “Your resume is a snapshot…. NOT a list of everything you have ever done.” Making this a crucial statement because of the fact rookies tend to list insignificant items and achievements on their resume. Creating mistakes along the way can make someone look unprofessional.

Although every achievement is worthy of respect, some do not need to brag about those outside of the position and profession you are applying to. Stating that you won a national judo tournament in elementary is cool, but not worth the time reading.

Lewis states “space is important.” To elaborate, be careful with diction, timing, and rhythm. Let the managers read the important stuff. Trim the fat. Let the important achievements work experience and academics’ shine.

During the workshop, students are given an outline where the most important items one can provide as crucial information is an “objective statement, education, related work experience, and skills.” To catch the entire outline and proper format, you need to attend the workshop which provides the complete outline - which is why students should try to attend.

Various tips were given during the workshop. One of those tips is to be confident! “Talk yourself up!” An example, say you are applying to get into a sales positions, say you have had experience for certain amount of months or years, more importantly, state your numbers, achievements, and how comfortable you are amongst the customers when selling and pitching a product.

With aid from Lewis, you can state “While working at blah-blah distributing company, I have been able to become an asset to the company, as I personally raised x%-number of sales for product-y for the previous year.” While providing references with current ties with such company, you can show such confidence with 1) Numbers, 2) Connections and 3) Valid proof.

There is nothing to lose when you attend PCCC’s resume workshop. You can learn crucial information that can aid in your job search. It can also change your perspective on what employer’s search for when looking for candidates.

Again, they, the employers and managers that hire, read the resume before the interview. An outstanding resume will aid in how they choose for the position. As will as aid in you getting hired for your dream job.

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