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Welcome Back Panthers!

It's September 4th and it is the first day back from the summer. Some are jumping right back in from summer sessions and some are back from a long break.

It is always exciting to start a fresh new year, meet new faces and set goals for the semester.

A new semester may be stressful to new students or for some who had just came out of a rough semester. But don't worry below are some tips for both new and returning students.

New Students

1. Don't be shy! Coming into a new building may be frightening but it is entirely up to you on how fast you adapt. Introduce yourself, ask for directions and even join a club.

2.Take College Success Seriously! College Success is a class we all have to take. It may seem pointless but believe me, it's important. College success will aid you on how to independently function as a student and teach you tips that will be pivotal for years to come.

3. Get to know your professors. Getting to know your professors and developing a relationship with them can help you along the way as you complete their course. Not only will you be more comfortable but you will grow a sense of appreciation for what you learn.

4. Meet with an academic adviser. Meeting with a adviser will ensure that you are on the right track and in the right major. Students change their major all the time! I changed mine 4 times! It is best to speak with an adviser as soon as possible and avoid multiple changes.

5. Get Tutoring. You do not need to wait to have an issue to get tutoring. You should get tutoring to ensure your understanding and to further practice what your learning.

Returning Students

6. Don't wait last minute to complete the CWE. The CWE is a written assessment all PCCC students must complete and pass to graduate. It is so important to not leave this assessment last minute. Each month the assessment has a new theme. September's theme is society.

7. Fill out graduating applications! If you only have one more semester left, make an appointment with the head of your department and fill out a form for graduation in the Spring!

All Students

8. Create a study group. Having a group to hold you accountable will aid you and actually teach one another different ways to study.

9. Be aware of opportunities. Stay aware of different clubs, organizations and free workshops.

10. Stay Positive and Work Hard!

Good luck to you all from the Vision Staff!

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