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PCCC’s Last Transfer Fair of the Semester by Paul Angel Perdomo

April 18th marked the last day of the transfer fair in the Paterson Room at Passaic County Community College. A few other colleges also offer PCCC students the opportunities, benefits, and majors of interest at the college of their choosing once they graduate.  

Representing Stevens Institute of Technology is Admissions Counselor Ethan Blum. He detailed that the college is located in Hoboken and the college was founded in 1870 by the Stevens Family. The Stevens were a family of entrepreneurs, engineers, and innovators who were responsible for the Steam Ferry, the first successful commercially operated ferry in America, and building railroads in the United States. The college offers quite a wide variety of different programs including about 35 undergraduate programs, 53 masters programs, 13-16 PhD programs, 17 active research centers, and one of the only naval engineering laboratories on the eastern seaboard. The popular programs are computer science, mechanical engineering, and biomedical engineering.  

Helping out Kean University is Transfer Admission Counselor Harold Carias who explained that Kean has a lot of programs. He highlighted the criminal justice, College of Business and Public Management, and communications/journalism alongside the two newspapers they have on campus; The Tower and The Cougars Bite. The school is located in Union, N.J. 

Sunita Bhargava works as a Director of Transfer and Continuing Education at Drew University, located in Madison. It’s a small private liberal arts school that comprises three schools; a theological school, a graduate school, and a college of liberal arts. They have a broad array of majors and 60-plus areas of study. The professors have terminal degrees; they’re experts in their field. The professors not only teach and advise their students, but they will also mentor them toward their goals. Drew University also has study abroad programs, programs in NYC, the United Nations program, and a Semester on Wall Street.  

Admissions Counselor for Transfer Recruitment Alyson Rakocy and EOF Recruiter/Counselor Omar Scott represented Georgian Court University. They help students transfer from 2-year schools to 4-year schools. The college has over 30 majors and minors as well; the top majors are nursing, business, criminal justice, digital arts, and education. In a small university, students can have real personal connections with the professors, and have easy access to the academic advisor.  

Representing Stockton University is Assistant Director of Admissions & Transfer Coordinator Enrico DeRooy, who detailed that Stockton is a public university located in Atlantic City. Stockton has many different programs, some of which are environmental, science, marine biology, justice, business, and experience learning. The school offers internships and the students can do research at local companies, which separates Stockton from other universities. The campus is also beautiful during spring, located in Pinelands.

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