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Voter Registration Drive on PCCC Campus

On October 10th, 2019, the National Coalition of 100 Black Women held a voter registration drive with the Passaic County Community College at the Paterson Campus.

The table was held by one of the two women in the Coalition, Jennifer Collins. Collins spoke on behalf of the program and its importance.“We advocate for black women and girls on many issues,” said Collins. “Our mission is to advocate and help inspire women in all types of backgrounds from all over the country.”

Her colleague, Sharisse Taylor, also spoke on the importance of the voter registration drive and how impactful voting is. “A lot of people think that your vote does not matter,” stated Taylor, “We believe it is important to get people more active in the voting process whether it be the local, county, state, or even presidential level.”

Taylor and Collins believed that participating in one’s local government is less common with the political spotlight on the presidential race for 2020.

The voting registration drive on behalf of the National Coalition of 100 Black Women hopes to achieve more participation and activity in our local governments.

For more information on the National Coalition of 100 Black Women, feel free to visit their website at

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