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Valentine's Day Open Submissions

Updated: Feb 15, 2023

As part of our Valentine’s Day open submission, we received an abundance of student works to share with the community.

Have a Beautiful Life, my Love

Contributed by Judiht Hilares

My dear love, it's been a long, cold, lonely winter, until you find me on the way to the Kingdom Commitment, and decided to choose me in soul and spirit, until your brave heart chased with your true my hand, then is when a miracle starts: my cold tight hands finally opened, from that day I could feel the delicate flowers and the essence from my garden soil. From that day, your bright black eyes fill any darkness and heal any pain.

Now my love, a week with not seeing you feels like years since it's been near you,

Yes, I do choose you too, but I decided to open the doors to see you grow between the fresh herb.

You said that my warm eyes glow after a graying thunderstorm in your life, and you freely gave me a promise of life, but love you allow your fears to enter the shadows and break your words kept.

Do not feel afraid my love, I have faith in your strength, your loving arms that wrap around me once, are able to heal and calm any storm, so my love, keep your eyes open to the sky, fill your spirit with the joy that only comes from the divine love.

Do not feel afraid my love, and have a beautiful life, because I really will learn how to live without you,

I trust you, so you could release my hands when you like.

You are now totally yours,

Break the chains of your pain and fears and never give up, roar if hurts but fight for what prevails- like a Lion that protects her cubs and never gives up.

I have faith in you my love, your deep love will return to me without permission because true everlasting love continues to live alive, safe, and secure

protected always by a committed trustworthy gentleman.

Have a beautiful day, my love, and have a beautiful life, always and forever

The Divine Deepest Love

Contributed by Judiht Hilares

The ocean moves the melody of my life, but you hold me between your wings There is no other place where I feel safer than between your warm arms. My deepest love, you see? the starts are counting the beauties of your sweet melody With their tiny shiny sprinkle notes of love, you light any chaos in my life, and throw them to the bottom of the ocean. You did already all for me, because of your deepest love for me Neither the worse storm, desert or tempested will be able to separate us from your love, all you touch, you heal, so you complete me, Love of my heart you conquer me every day because you keep your word, so my entire person feel so blessed to know You You said that you just love me, and you are who you are, but I cannot understand your ways sometimes, I only know that I feel the beauties when I see myself on your eyes. My deepest love, realize that a minute with you allows me to breath, and I really feel dry without you, you said: I love you and there are not doubts about it, because I can see that there is nothing that I should do to impress you more, you already love me just the way I’m, and that is all that I wanted to hear all my life. I know, no makeup could give me more beauty if my soul and spirit fill dry, but my mouth flourish speaking about you and my soul heal by itself by listening your sweet words My deepest love, there is no space for be angry from you touch my head, from a kiss of truth you catch me, and from that they there in no eternal pain neither tears with you Even on my chaos you are the only melody that I only need. The ocean break over the sand like the pain over me, the storm may try to scare me but you pick up the small pieces of me and design an even better version of me, My deepest love, you paste the smallest pieces with your gentle touch and my fears disappear and heal, Oh, I can’t wait for you, so tell me love how I could back this deepest love; no lover in this world could shadow your style. There is no black hole in my life from the day you fill my life with your heart. The sun arise and give birth a new day, and now I have no intention to escape from your hands, my divine deepest love.

Saved by Love

Contributed by Samira Pozo-Robinson

For who I tried to end life

You gave me a new one

Opened my eyes to see clear

And dried up all my tears

Saved by love

Our time is yet to be undone

Our series of books continues to create and unfold

Our craft and adventures have yet to begin

Our love creates a new kind of magic

For you healed my scars and took away the sorrows

Saved by love

For you have given me hope

I will never let you go

For we are connected by the red string of fate

My lover who turns the precious sky's into heart red

Saved by love

I can never thank you enough

For all you do and have done

Turning all my blues into yellows I love you, you forever have me

Saved by love

Meaning of Kindness

Contributed by Amirah Al Wassif

If you want to know something, don't Google it. Just search deeply within you. Last night, I thought of the kindness meaning. I tapped on the keyboard. The dictionary definition appeared on the screen. Nothing else. I know that meaning, so I chose to see more images related to the searched word. I found many stretched-handed poor boys sitting in the dirt under someone's mercy. Some cute girls looked miserable waiting for your financial support. African single mothers breaking the rocks under the heat.

Indian children wanted to be fed up. Egyptian beggars wandering the wide streets. A European blind man wants somebody to take care of him. Some American orphanage house needs volunteers. Some Arabic old paralyzed woman seeks healthy aid & finally, a group of Asian children holding empty pots stare at the camera.

I closed the pages. That wasn't what I'm looking for.

I wanted more than this. I tried to pronounce the word softly between me and myself. I repeat what I did many times. My heart moved slowly. I decided to add more rhythm and delight. The word "kindness" danced on the edges of my tongue.

I felt warmth surrounding my lips. A poetic voice clutched the core of me. I swayed like a feather trying my best to count my sighs.

The carnation grew between my fingers. I believed that my body was lighter than the dream. Billions of rooms showed themselves inside.

Engraved with the Word Love

Contributed by Ameenah Zughbi

From above it showers

Your love is a liquid that seeps into my skin

Welcome to my blood flow

Without you the world is unimaginable

The anger in the wind

The sun will hide himself behind the truth

The mountains will crumble and wither away

The sky will darken and fill with clouds of dismay

All for a love that cannot be entertained

Beginnings Blossom from Endings

Contributed by Ameenah Zughbi

Broken with a past I won’t revisit

I wandered into the world

I was in no search of a healer, but I found you

And you found me

Your presence gave me the strength to survive

Dear Valentine

Contributed by Madison Babcock

Dear Valentine

When you're growing up you get told “ yeah heartbreak hurts but it isn't the worst thing you will experience”

so, you go on with life not fearing heartbreak until it's at your front door with a guilty look on its face ready to break your heart with a handful of words.

You try to pinch yourself hoping it's a dream and thinking there's no way this could be happening to me…

but the truth is….

this is reality,

and it is happening to you

so that's when your heart sinks to your stomach

and your eyes fill with tears.

Then you hear the basic lines of….

“It's not you it's me”

“You deserve someone better”

But that's not the worst part

Oh no this is the part they won't tell you about

The part that breaks you is when they can look you in the eyes seeing the pain you're experiencing and not shed a single tear

Then you find yourself in a daze of blaming yourself

“What did I do”

“Was I not enough for him to stay”

“If I would've done things differently, he wouldn't have broken up with me”

Bam you snap back into reality

He's still there with what looks like no emotion staring you in the eyes waiting for a response

You don't have one to give

You were crying for ten minutes and have no energy left for this

So, you say goodbye and shut the door

And now you feel nothing

The darkness is too overwhelming

And then it's just you all alone

And over time you do feel better

But you'll never forget the pain of heartbreak

It never leaves you

I wish someone could have warned you before you started relationships

I'm sorry, past me I promise to do better…..

-Future me

Poetry Reading in Space

Contributed by Jason Kerzinski

Synapses firing in my mainframe

Star Trek on the brain, I want to be in the world boldly

This poems debut has taken me to the beta quadrant

Where I recite words to one dimensional future humanoids

who thought they knew New Orleans

CNN stories of devastation implanted 1000 years into the future

Where destruction still overshadows a people

These future beasts Howling and growling like pundits

Beam this so-called poet back

He knows nothing about New Orleans

Beam it back Beam it to its present

On my balcony smoking cigs and drinking coffee

Where galaxies fade behind my eyelids

Now open I watch a moment

A woman in a hot pink dress

Bending down, looking at her reflection in a car window

"Oooooh I like my new wig", her voice moving through me

Her smile

Her stride planetary

Her heartbeats the voyages, I've traveled light years to understand her song


Contributed by Alexia Carmela Sottile

I proclaim my love for you flies so high

But you ask does it reach the sky?

My only thought is to ask you why, would I ever lie?

I can think of 100 reasons why I will never have to try

Because I will die counting endless reasons why I love you.

And to finish us off…

Contributed by Red Palafox

"Heart To The Sky"

24"x 30"

Acrylic, Oil Pastel, and Oil Marker on Stretched Canvas

Enjoy your Valentine’s Day, and make sure to check out our short story contributions, here and here.

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