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The Way of the Bodhisattva - A Buddhist Perspective on Resistance By: Dixon Rexach Toro

Life should actualize itself in whatever way you need it to be.

Change the current of your life to one of your heart’s desire, then times three.

The way of the great sage of India is one of peace.

One of which allows the practitioner to find release.

Look within and find out what does your torment mean.

Does it mean you need to step out of your daily routine?

Resistance may act as a hindrance to your field of experience, Bane.

Are you able to see past it and see what is there to gain?

Solve the mental riddle that cleaves your brain and answer me this:

Do you have what it takes to achieve your version of bliss?

In order to have such accomplishments, don’t accept what you don’t like.

Think about the new person you can be, attract what is alike.

Keep the mind’s eye towards the goal, resist the resistance.

Make sure you keep the old paradigms in check, march on at a safe distance.

The Experience can drive you to states of suffering and woe,

So, find the very source of it and strike it with an arrow and bow.

This Happening, this life, should twist and bend at your demand.

Don’t you know that the entire Universe is at your command?

Fight off the resistance, make the Universe bow down to you.

When living in Hell, slay down your demons and push through.

Just keep going, just keep striving.

Your suffering will transform to a life worth thriving.

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