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Destressing At Passaic County Community College by Paul Angel Perdomo

On May 6th, PCCC held another event located in the Paterson Room; The De-Stress Fest. This event's purpose is another distressing event for students who are stressing over the final exams or the future once they graduate.

MMC Tribe founder and PCCC alumni Dr. Nastrah Carr stated the purpose of her attendance was to provide the students an alternative to how to destress but with the tools provided within yourself, such as breath work.

Professional speaker Moses Parker spent 14 years as a Passaic County Community College employee and was called in to be a part of the event, helping students prepare for the finals while also talking about things that cause stress, some ways to help us through moments of stress, and why it happens.

The event was exciting, motivating, and helpful for anyone dealing with stress whether it’s school or life in general. The event also provided students with free virtual therapy, bubble wraps, coloring pages with colored pencils, and feminine products for female students and students who menstruate.

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