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Black History & Culture Club’s Indoor Cookout by Paul Angel Perdomo

On April 30th, The BHCC held an end of the semester with an indoor cookout located in the Paterson Room. The food was appetizing, the music was groovy, and karaoke singing was fun to experience and watch.  

The president of the club, Ayana English-Jamesm came up with this idea to celebrate the club’s accomplishments from the past year and she wanted to celebrate with the school by bringing the community together. This event is designed as a destressing event for the students to relax before finals and to have leisure before the break. Ayana hopes the club will continue with new students who want to engage in activities and form their own community with people once she graduates.  

To summarize, the Black History and Culture Club’s Indoor Cookout was a fun and unique experience for anyone who wanted to relax and destress before taking finals or attending classes in the summertime. I hope the club will continue onward once Ayana graduates and pursues her goal to get a bachelor’s degree in communications. 

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