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The Rise and Fall of The Circassians Dynasty.

The Circassians had always worked in a communal dynamic that resides between the mountain ranges of Asia and Europe. The culture came from a long history of epic romance and ethical codes, with mountaineers putting on long fur hats and performing sword dances with daggers and twirls from the loveliest folk dresses. The origins of their culture influenced many egalitarian perspectives. In the later centuries, many French and English writers came into view to the Circassian's aesthetics and were profoundly imbued, such as the notable writer Alexandre Dumes.

Looking at dates around 1763, during the Russian Conquest, many of the Circassians were drastically swept by an onslaught of warlike militants, the soldiers boot stomped their way inside the village homes, kidnapped and gunned downed armless civilians, as the country was engulfed in deaths that reached nearly 600,000. The stark disasters led to much blurting out hate speeches, and a dark glance of grief-stricken families and helpless children refuting the ideas of the inevitable massacre and starvation. The problem in itself led many to drown in The Black Sea, known as the genocide of the Circassians people.

The binding devastation spurred many to traverse into familiar Ottoman regions in the Middle East. Circassian families stood mainly in the town of Quneitra Syria, a population of Sulmi Arabs between 50,000 and 100,000 people. However, in 2013, the Syrian government had an armed conflict with protestors for rejecting the operations of the president of Syria, Bashar al-Assad.

The progression of the conflict made a rapid plight for the townspeople in Syria.

Some Circassian were found in various safe haven to bear on the problem, but many counter government agencies yielded refugees from their means and started shelling at their positions. Lobbyist Circassians from parts of Russia and the Israeli government were imploring for help; some countries such as Russia had issues granting visas to those needed.

Many had to chance to flee from the horror; Tchan happens to be one. Tchan is a Circassian student from PCCC and has not seen her father and her family for almost a decade due to endorsement for visas. She was fortunate to come to New Jersey in reference to her safety and proper education. Tchan has recently reconciled with her mother, and her brothers now stay with her in the states. But her father luckily absconds to Jordan and stands by their laws.

Today, the incongruity of her history was traumatic in many stages of her life. But Tchan, the 21-year-old student from PCCC, is studying to become an immigration lawyer to reunite children with their families. I ask her in a one-one interview what would she say to those children who are racked with emotions and can not see their parents.

"It is hard. So so hard having to deal with separation. However, hope is what keeps us alive. One must never lose hope in reunion because it is going to happen no matter how long it takes. I would say, when you miss them, call them. If you feel like crying, let it out and cry. But never NEVER think for a moment that you will not be without them again. Keep imagining the great moment of being with them again. Plan what you will wear, what you will say, and what you are going to do on the day you will reunite with them like it is happening the very next day. Hold on to hope and keep it in your mind that it is going to happen and you will be happy once and for all."

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