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The Center of Wellness, Student Advocacy, and Prevention welcomes PCCC with open arms! By: Dixon Rexach Toro

The Wellness Center members Yarmeka McCurtis Autumn  Pilatowski, Megan Ocampo, and Byron Moran embrace all of the PCCC community as they guide students in need of assistance. The team is a dynamic group of helpers and wellness providers who also specialize in local resources and meeting student needs in a fun, safe, accessible, and interactive way.  

Formerly called Student Advocacy (now known as the Wellness Center), its friendly staff members help guide students to whatever resources they need to help alleviate any worries they may have that act as a hindrance to achieving academic success at PCCC. 

The Wellness Center has partnerships with U-WILL, St. Joeseph's Hospital, CUMAC, The Department of Health Services, Planned Parenthood, Oasis, M&S Psychotherapy and Counseling, LLC, Division of Mental Health, and more, to provide the security the student body needs to not only pursue their higher educations into the community college but to also lend a helping hand outside of academic life. 

The resources the Center provides include access to teletherapy, professional clothing for school, work, or wherever you must wear such attire, a lounge for laxity, food, water, shelter, hygiene products and a chance to be a part of their community. The Center also sponsors educational training on wellness topics. 

They also have upcoming events for the upcoming month that can provide extra support to student’s life, like HIV Awareness Month Workshop on Jan. 29th, Wellness Wednesday on Jan. 30th, a 2nd Wellness Wednesday on Feb.7th, Healthy Dating & Cookie Decorating on Feb. 14th, Well Care Table on Feb. 21st, and a De-Stress Event on Feb. 26th. 

They are also looking for students to join their team as Peer Leaders or Student Assistants. A Peer Leader is a positive role model who can act as a mental health advocate that can provide resources to help other students in need. A Student Assistant is someone who is able to provide any help with the responsibilities of running the Wellness Center. 

Director of The Wellness Center and Licensed Clinical Social Worker Ms. Lia Rowe is ecstatic and proud of the team of wellness providers in the Center and is so grateful for the Center's ability to provide the students with hope for better living. 

The Office of the Center of Wellness, Student Advocacy, and Prevention, Transfer Services, Veteran Services, and Student Accessibility is located at M244 and students may gain these benefits by meeting with one of the staff members at M237, which is the room location of the Wellness Center.

You can also follow their Instagram account to keep yourself up to date with any events they have in store.


Swing on by to see what you’re missing out on! 

Visit the links provided for more information. 


Instagram: @pccc_mwrc 


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