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Success with Business Leadership Club & Career Services

–By Matthew Medeiros

On October 21st, the Business Leadership Club collaborated with Career Services to hold our first workshop for the Fall 2020 semester, Resume/ CV Writing 101. Professor Kourani, the club advisor welcomed everyone and introduced the event guest speakers Thomas Moore, Coordinator of Career and Professional Readiness at PCCC, and Amanda Jones, Job Developer at PCCC.

With our professional guests, we went over constructing resumes, curriculum vitae, and how to separate yourself from the rest. Not everyone is taught how to build a resume or what to even put on a resume, so this workshop not only proved effective but necessary for our student members.

The structure of the workshop was first-class, very easy to follow with pictures on every slide to assist more visual learners. Clear bullet points on what a curriculum vitae is, what you need to put on your CV and resume, and actively discussing these topics is what made this workshop run smoothly.

A favorite takeaway was the little bit of information told to me by Thomas Moore. I remember him emphasizing to research the company you want to apply for beforehand, be ready for any questions, print out more than one resume, and of course to dress for success!

Within only an hour and a half, the Business Leadership Club had around 19 active club members, including our advisor Professor Kourani, actively listening and adding helpful tips/suggestions to help distinguish ourselves from others who may be applying for the same jobs. We are truly grateful for Career Services for teaming up with the Business Leadership Club on a very underrated topic.

If you have any questions or request information about the Business Leadership Club, please contact our club advisor Professor Kourani at or our BLC email

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