Student Programming Committee: Working on Making Students Feel Included

—By Jocelyn Martinez

The Student Programming Committee holds meetings every Tuesday at 4pm through 5pm. On November 3, 2020 SGC hosted a meeting discussing events for the spring semester 2021.

Guadalupe De Gaona is the Chairperson of the committee.

Edwin Nava who is the Co-Chairperson, introduced the agenda of the meeting. Nava discussed finalizing which events are going to be kept for the spring semester.

Rafaela A. Ramirez who is the advisor of the committee was present during the meeting to help guide the other two members. The meeting began at 4:14pm with a couple of students present.

De Gaona began the meeting with a weekly check in. She asked each person about their day and what’s been going on in their lives.

She stated, “It’s to make sure everyone is on track, feel included, and to make sure everyone is doing well.” De Gaona proceeded and asked every individual in the meeting about their day.

One member stood out; his name is Steven Craigie. He shared his music with everyone and began to rap some verses. Craigie was very comfortable with being himself.

After that, Nava shares his screen with everyone and introduced the events for Spring 2021. The document shows the events for every month of the 2021 school year for PCCC students.

Each month in the spring semester they hold events for PCCC students. It’s an opportunity for students to interact and have fun.

For the month of January, they have a welcoming week events for students to promote panther pride, get involved, and feel comfortable. February, they usually hold a ceremony about African American History.

In the month of March, they hold Women History Events to proclaim women history. The month of April they hold spring week events.

It consists of fun day events for all students to enjoy. In May they hold graduation activities for graduates to enjoy their last days.

Lastly in the month of July and August they hold summer trips for students. For example, a trip to six flags, an aquarium, a Broadway show or etc.

These are the few events they have come up with for the spring semester. De Gaona mentioned about upcoming events for the winter, November and December.

She would like to host a Netflix party in November. The members seemed excited and began to share their thoughts on what movies they prefer to watch.

Afterwards the advisor wanted to talk about Veterans Day. They will be sharing educational resources or materials about Veterans Day.

Ramirez stated before they would hold events on campus; however due to the pandemic it has affected them. Nonetheless, they still find ways to hold meetings and make students feel included.

At the end of the meeting they held a Thanksgiving bingo game for everyone. Everyone participated and had a great time.

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