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Stuck? Learn Some Steps!

Hello Everyone! We all know that everyone is going through a tough time now due to the COVID 19 Virus, so I thought I would lighten the mood with sharing some fun late night dance videos step by step that I found on Youtube. I looked up 5 different genre dances for people to try out!

1. This one is a country step by step dance called the Footloose Line Dance Instruction! Now I know some people don't like country music let alone any country dance but hear me out! This could be something you might enjoy!

2. It's time to learn some Reggaeton! This cool dance will surely make you sweat once you learn how to truly move!

3. It's Hip Hop time! What better way to groove than to learn some basic hip hop! Hip Hop is something everyone should learn because it's fun and exciting!

4. Do you hear that? That's a sound of a saxophone! That's right! It's time for some Jazz dance! And no jazz hands this time with this fun and simple jazz tutorial

5. Now this one you might be skeptical about but hear me out! How about the ladies learn some Kpop dance moves!? It may look difficult but once you learn the steps, you'll get the hang of it!

I hope this dance moves you positive and motivated! Stay Safe Everyone!

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