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STEM takes on NASA

Paterson, NJ - Nona Fulmore-Harris, a member of the STEM program at Passaic County Community College, recently took on the challenge of a NASA program where students get to learn more about the opportunities that NASA can provide. Fulmore-Harris is one of ten students who were selected for participation.

Encouraged by mentors Kathleen Vancheri and Russel Gambino to join the program, it began on Jan. 9, and will be ongoing. It consists of “missions” that were created to be completed online due to COVID.

Fulmore-Harris discussed the application process and her overall excitement about being a part of the program: “I was most excited about the Artemis mission, the Moon to Mars [program], and the first woman. I didn’t know too much about the machines they were using, so this program introduced that to me and I get to write about it and get graded on it and you get to choose want to write about.”

Students selected to continue the missions have a chance to visit one of the NASA centers. At the time of this interview, Fulmore-Harris completed the first mission, and was awaiting the results, as well as an introduction to her following mission. The program will continue through the summer with hopes that it leads participants to a visit to NASA.

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