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Spring 2019 Fashion

Hey panther-nistas , it’s that time of year again! We are hitting the gym, getting on those crazy diets and praying to God we can fit into our swimsuits in time for spring break. So stay a while and sip the tea with me as we see what hot trends are taking the streets.

It’s all about peace and love this spring as the psychedelic decade of the 70s makes a comeback in our closets. I’m talking about bell bottoms, patterns, t-shirts and translucent sunglasses! I know that was a mouth full, but girl don’t worry! I’m going to break it down for you.


From Kim Kardashian to Jennifer Lopez, plaid and animal prints have officially made its way back into the fashion limelight. Whether you're going on a hot date or chilling with your girlfriends this Friday night, make a statement by wearing a plaid or animal printed jacket, skirt or pair of pants. Don’t be afraid to get a little crazy with these stylish bottoms either! Add a neon colored shirt to your snake skin pants like Kim Kardashian or a corduroy jacket to any animal printed skirt ! Be fierce and don’t be shy to step out of your comfort zone, I promise that you definitely turn heads but most importantly serve looks!


Now I’m sure we all can agree that a bold shirt can make all the difference in your outfit. Striped blouses and graphic t-shirts are undeniably a timeless look from the 1970s. Give a bold feel to your style by wearing a striped blouse and making a colorful declaration with those stripes. Connect with your inner rocker and throw on a graphic tee which will put an edge on a simple pair of pants or leggings.


Ahh the 70s, it was the time of Cher and Disco dancing. Bell bottoms were the rave and anyone who was anybody had a pair. Society long ago swore off that fashion trend but have failed to do so and we find ourselves in 2019 about to get our groove on with this classic look. I absolutely love bell bottoms jeans, they compliment any figure. Celebrities like Vanessa Hudgens rock the bell bottom look so effortlessly!!


Everyone knows that accessories make the outfit! So head on over to urban outfitters and pick up a pair of translucent sunglasses to spice up your look. Translucent sunglasses are honestly my favorite trend from the 70s. Something so small as sunglasses can really pull your entire outfit together. After all, as the saying goes, it’s the little things in life that matter or as I like to say, it’s the little accessories in life that matter !

So there you have it, stay cool and stay tuned for next months fashion update and remember that you are all fearfully and wonderfully made !

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