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Sorry Mickey, I heard McDonalds is hiring thou.

The first 2020 debate, Joe Biden and President Donald Trump spoke briefly about the U.S. market economy, and how their plans affect all aspects of our nation. Should students be concern in the areas of our economic system which is inter-related to debate?

Chris Wallace, moderator of the 2020 presidential debates announced the economy is recovering faster than expected. In all, the unemployment rate fell 8.4 percent last month, indicating a victory for President Trump.

Ironically, The Bureau of Labor statics shows the unemployment rate of 1.4 million are back into the workforce but does not include the most recent data of 400,000 airline workers furlough and 6,700 non-union layoffs from Disney World due to COVID 19.

While job seekers are trying to escape the unemployment clubhouse, the big question is, should students raise doubts about their future employment due to the spread of COVID 19 ?

Former vice president Joe Biden holds his position by denouncing the Trump tax cuts, which he stated are tax codes that save the president more than what teachers made. Also, Biden considers more time to withdraw and allocate the tax funds to those who require help.

Biden's new policy-making decisions will still have a free-market approach but will conduct unfavorable elements towards corporate entities, charging a whopping 28% rather than 21%. Also, his version of the green new deal inspires a new disposition for creating new jobs and cleaner air.

However, Trump turns a blind eye to the approach, explaining thoroughly, Biden policies would only hurt many cooperate operations. Businesses will no longer see the U.S. as an opportunity to encounter wealth and will leave do the business somewhere else. Trump wants a system that will have the American people invest freely in the stock market, which means more jobs and 401Ks.

Due to COVID 19, many in this semester found themselves crossed-eyed, along with other existential issues, like financial crises and future employment, in the debate remain incoherent.

One student from Montclair State University stated that he was ineligible to dorm once left the campus to see his sick father in Utah, who had tested positive for COVID 19. The anonymous student can not afford to take leave. The strict policy from Montclair State University deviates the student from the emotional necessities of supporting his distress father.

John R, a student from the Passaic Community College stated, he was challenge by the outcome of COIVD, for he had no choice but to switch his major due to the health crisis.

Adriana Sanchez from Passaic Community College affirms, with the pandemic, it will be hard to find a job as an editor. I could work from home, but it wouldn’t be the same experience. And thousands are being let go when people are struggling to find employment, but if the government could have handled the situation better this wouldn’t have been happening.

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