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By: Tiffani Bell

It was early July in 2009.

I was with a close friend.

Working with the youth.

She came in late and confused.

I didn’t really have time to chat and


We went our separate ways.

I noticed her lean over as

if something was bothering her.

So I went to help her out

Not knowing the depth of issues and challenges she faced

After helping her she asked me a question.

“Would you be like the rest and Disappear.”

“ We are going to be friends forever,” I replied.

You were a bright and sweet person to All.

Nothing could ever replace you.

You are always in my heart.

We had great times.

I wish I could have seen you walk

Across the stage

And Graduate

I’ve dedicated this to you

So the next person can be saved and

Not be a victim of Bullying.

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