Promoting Environmental Awareness at PCCC

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Only miles away from New York City, one might be surprised to find the beauty and peace of Mill Creek Marsh in Secaucus, NJ. Th is open wetland is a gorgeous site to enjoy what nature has to offer. Destinations like Mill Creek Marsh are ideal for the PCCC Birding Walks Club, whose members not only enjoy the beauty of nature, but also learn the importance of environmental awareness.

I was fortunate to attend the bird walk held on Nov. 2. Club members met at the designated location and Professor Baranowski provided binoculars, ensuring students the best chance of identifying the beautiful creatures we spotted. I, like several other members, did not have any bird watching experience prior to my first meeting.

The Birding Walks Club is open to everyone, beginner and experienced bird watchers alike. No matter your knowledge of nature, you are welcome to join the club.

I was shocked by the beauty of the marshes— dozens of tree stumps poking out of the wetland grounds were ideal hangout spots for various bird species, and Professor Baranowski brought along a bird identification book for students to identify their many findings.

A powerful spotting scope allowed members to take professional looking photos of birds, and Professor Baranowski shared his beautiful shots from previous walks. His aim for the club is to show students this beauty: what’s at stake when we talk about environmental awareness. He hopes the club will help students develop an appreciation for nature in a more hands-on way. Rather than simply lecture about it, Professor Baranowski wants to share the joy that comes with loving nature: “My goal is to raise environmental awareness. It’s one thing to tell students in a classroom, but it’s a different experience being out in nature.”

“My goal is to raise environmental awareness. It’s one thing to tell students in a classroom, but it’s a different experience being out in nature.”

As the PCCC Birding Walks Club has shown, nature’s beauty is an enjoyable and rejuvenating part of life for every individual. Cultivating an appreciation for nature can start right here at PCCC with the Birding Walks Club. The dates and locations of bird walks are specified in emails sent by the club advisor, Professor Baranowski. If you are interested in joining the club, please contact him at

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