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Professor Caffie Risher Hosts SGA Public Speaking Workshop

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Paterson, NJ - On the afternoon of Thursday July 28th, Professor Caffie Risher (Professor and Coordinator of Public Speaking) hosted a workshop over Zoom Meetings on “Basic Public Speaking for Student Leaders” for the SGA Leadership Academy.

The individuals in attendance consisted of Melanie Mejia (president of SGA), Sebastian Bustamante (Senator of SGA), Afifa Tasnova (VP of SGA), and Rafaela Ramirez (SGA Advisor).

Professor Risher’s goal for the workshop was for the leaders of the PCCC community to understand the basic skills needed when it comes to Public Speaking- in order to aid them in their careers of leadership.

The topics covered in the workshop consisted of: Code Switching, Understanding Your Communication Style, The Basic Tenets of Communication Process, and Tips on Preparing a Presentation that is Clear and Concise.

The presentation evoked a means of inner reflection as the preceding topics were found to be occurring in their everyday lives. Risher’s information shed light on the common works of communication we seem to overlook.

When asked about the presentation, and the knowledge they would now apply to their communication in their leadership position, the leaders enlightened us of their opinions.

Mejia highlights she found everything “helpful and applicable” and points out that “the way we speak applies to everything in communication”.

Afifa also adds that in the Communication Model, the process of encoding and decoding information between individuals was “important to understand” and now feels that she is “woke in a manner”.

Risher’presentation allowed for the present individuals to understand their way of communicating and how it can be used to be a more effective leader.

If interested in viewing the PowerPoint created by Professor Risher, you may access it down below.

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