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PCCC Welcomes Leah Travers, LCSW

Updated: Mar 2, 2020

On late August 2019, Leah Travers joined the Passaic County Community College faculty. Travers is a licensed clinical social worker. Travers was born in New Jersey and attended Caldwell University and later received a Master’s Degree on Social Work from Rutgers University.

Travers always wanted to help people with solve their problems in life. She first thought of studying law, but after volunteering in different countries and interacting with different people, she realized she wanted to be a social worker.

She has been working as a social worker in Paterson for 7 years in different places, like St. Joseph Hospital, Eva’s Village, and Passaic County Department of Human Services.

Travers also teaches a Sociology course at another college and likes working with college students.

When she heard of the open position for an on campus social worker here at PCCC she decided to apply.

Her goal here at PCCC is to provide students with all resources, tools, and support to overcome any issues that they are having so they can be successful in their lives.

Another goal she has for PCCC is to create a culture of community that minimizes the stigma of not having any problems or avoiding them.

She wants to put an end to the negative attitude that people can sometimes give to others for struggling with different things from mental health, substance abuse to homelessness.

Travers wants to help PCCC to be a place where students can talk out their feelings, and know that it will be okay.

She admires the student population of PCCC because she feels that students here really want to be here, and that they work hard to overcome a lot of issues they endure.

She is very grateful for the support and guidance she has received from the faculty, and happy to be here.

Travers hopes to keep helping students to achieve their goals, and she is

excited for the next semester to come, and so is PCCC!

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