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PCCC Faculty Art Show

Walking through the PCCC you can always find something new on the hallway walls whether that be a flyer, poster or art work done by students. For the first time, in the Spring Semester of 2020, faculty got a chance to showcase their artwork in the broadway lobby.

Within the showcase each faculty member had a different form of art and a unique inspiration behind it.

Appreciation of Art professor, Laura Wilson Howson created a collection of digital art from the inspiration of her dreams. Howson shared that she would first sketch and write about the dreams she had and made come alive in her art.. “ My inspiration is using my dreams to create art,” said Howson. In addition to her digital art, Howson also created a 3D crab model in which she also had dreamed.

Photography and English professor, Mark Hillringhouse produced a collection of the naked woman’s body in nature. Hillringhouse shared that his inspiration derived from a workshop in Maine led by a talented photographer by the name of Laurie Klein. Klein taught Hillringhouse how to capture the vulnerability and nakedness of a woman.With her guidance, Hillringhouse wanted to capture the female silhouette in nature. “ It was something different for me. I learned the female form in terms of nature. I view landscapes differently now, I can now envision a model in them,” explained Hillringhouse.

Hillringhouse also explained that he learned how to speak with models to capture his desired image. “I had to tell the model to be an egg coming alive,” laughed Hillringhouse.

Appreciation of Art professor, Barbara Wallace is known for her famous paper mache models that are seated in the Broadway lobby. Before the event, many students believed Wallace’s work was made of metal for it’s metallic color. Wallace explained in the showcasing, that if the art pieces were to be metal they would be extremely heavy. “ I have been concerned for the environment and believe that I could use reuse recycled materials to make art. Not only is it inexpensive but it is meaningful,” said Wallace.

Appreciation of Art professor, Mary Dajnak created a collection Repeated Measures which took many shapes and forms to create a series of themes. Dajnaks’s thesemonoprints are inspired by reflections and textures of urban environments and abstract records of her experiences.

Appreciation of Art professor, Ana Carina Sinocchi generated a collection of photographs that included painting and drawing. Sinocchi’s work is fine art digitized which in the words of Sinochhi, “ adds a dehumanizing effect.” “ The art uprooted my humanity, after completing the pieces, I felt I had to go home and roll dough to retrieve my humanity,” explained Sinocchi. “My inspiration of these pieces are behind my curiosity for arches, particularly roman arches. I feel the arches hold a spiritual connection for me. They serve as portals for infinite space. It is a metaphysical experience,” Sinochhi added.

Director of Cultural Affairs and Curator of the event, Susan Balik felt that the event was highly beneficial for students. “I think it’s great for the students to see how talented their professors are. Seeing their professor’s work can inspire them to explore their own work,” said Balik.

Yudiria Hernandez, English Major, said, “It is such an honor to see the Professor’s work. I’m really blown away that these are our professors. We are so lucky.”

The event was an overall success and many students and faculty supported the showcased artists.

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