Paterson Community College showcases student Art

Updated: Apr 24, 2019

By Martina Frasca

Mary Dajnak, Coordinator of Studio Arts and Cecily Mckeown, Coordinator of Graphic Design

On Thursday April 18,  an Art reception was held in the Broadway Gallery showing works by PCCC Students. Mary Dajnak, Coordinator of Studio Arts, Cecily Mckeown, Coordinator of Graphic Design, and Susan Balik, manager of Cultural Affairs, were in charge of setting everything up while Laura Howson, an art professor, and Jennifer Vaqero served as judges. Out of 70 entries, 40 pieces of art work were chosen for the show. Andry Familia won honorable mention with their photograph piece “Neon Intimacy.” Daniel Facundo, Graphic Design major, who was present at the show won 3rd prize with his digital art piece” Dragon Ball Broly –Alternative Movie Poster.” His art work was inspired by a scene in the movie which he took and converted it into his own. Kelsy Cohen, Psychology major, was present at the show and won 2nd place with her Mixed media piece, “Color Spectrum.” She says she always had a passion for art and is passionate about multicultural and wanted to show that through her painting. Arlenis Perez won 1st prize with their pencil piece “Summer Shade” following after Rebecca Skubisz who won best of show with her color pencil on Gray paper “Self Portrait.”

Other works on display included:

Black Swan –photograph –Andry Familia

NJ’s Sunday –Photograph –Daniel Facundo

The French System –Digital Art –Daniel Facundo

Faces of Africa –Drawing –Maria Angelic Sanschez Capurro

Hope –Painting - Maria Angelic Sanschez Capurro

Dreaming –painting - Maria Angelic Sanschez Capurro

Three Ibises in the Sunset –Acrylin on canvas –Noelle Millner

Girl with a Bottle –Digital Photograph –Noelle Millner

Move on –Pencil, charcoal, pastel, ink –Jaylin Montalvo

Taraji –Photograph –Itati Minaya

Koi Dream –Acrylic –Yulisbeth Rojas

Curves and Shapes –Drawing –Karen Echevarria

Life in Mercury –Pencil and Markers –Ermis Liriano

Sunset in Florida –Photograph –Veronica Viera

Beauty –Photograph –Veronica Viera

Abstract shapes in color –Color pencil –Matthew Morris

Hair Tie –Marker –Jonathan Alarcon

Lion –Graphite –Ashley Flores

Untitled 1 –Acrylic –Ashley Flores

Studies in Black and White –Acrylic –Kristin Sedlacik

The writ –Illustration –Dylan Kraft

Old Woman –pencil –Carol Brown

Untitled –Acrylic –Sunhee Chung

Project #1 –Acrylic –Sunhee Chung

Sweet Love –Charcoal –Sunhee Chung

Blue –Photosensitive Liquid –Blades Correa

Lucidity –Acrylic –Blades Correa

Untitled –Paper cut out –Zachary Allen

I remember Everything –Acrylic on Canvas –Zachary Allen

Life Begins –color pencil –Gabriela Velasquez

Il mio mondo –mixed media –Ermis Liriano

Professor Dajnak was proud of all efforts of students who participated in the event.

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