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Panthers defeat Valley Forge advance in playoffs

Updated: Aug 26, 2020

By Daniel Flores—

During the regular season, the Panthers lost to Valley Forge Military College. Today they were able to come up victorious in the playoffs where it matters the most. Forward Amir Blake spoke on how meaningful the win was “it means a lot because we did not have three players last time- we played them so it means a lot to us going forward,” Blake said.

Head Coach Anthony Virgil spoke on the Panthers being able to come out and get revenge. “When we lost to them we missed three of our starters, they couldn’t play, we were shorthanded, when we are at full strength they can’t match up with us. I knew we were going to get the job done.”

The Panthers defense was dominant. Guards Gabe Silvera and Godly Marc had numerous steals late in the first half to help open up the game for the Panthers. “Most guards are not as fast as us so we try to speed them up to get easy buckets” Silvera said. Godly Marc added “that’s just what Gabe and I do, we play the passing lanes against us.”

Ki-heim Williams led the Panthers in scoring with 24 points and grabbed 16 rebounds. EJ Jefferson had an impressive double-double with 21 points and 23 rebounds which included 12 offensive rebounds to help the Panthers defeat Valley Forge. Gabe Silvera added 21 points including an emphatic dunk in the first half that got the crowd going. Silvera shared about the huge dunk after the game. “It’s funny because I missed the first few dunks the past couple games so I had to make that one and it got us going.”

Up next for the Panthers they will face off against Northhampton Community College on Tuesday February 25th.

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