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Math Problem of the Month

Updated: Feb 3, 2019

Every month students take on the math problem of the month provided by their professors. November’s problem required organization of data and problem solving skills.

In Pruden Hall on November 30th, Professor Andrea Gloetzer hosted the reveal of the winner of the month to give a prize. The group of students who participated were extremely excited and overall supportive of one another. Students who answered the question correctly would have their name placed in hat and randomly chosen.

Five minutes in the event, the random selection revealed the winner to be Stem major, Daniel Huaman. “The problem wasn’t that difficult, it only took an hour to complete.” Huaman said.

“The math department would like to motivate all students to experience the fun part of math. Brain teasers are a great way to exercise our brain. The exciting part is you do not have to be a math student to be able to solve these logical problems. These riddles test your intelligence but just like everything else, practice makes perfect. Good luck in February!” Professor Glotzer encouraged.

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