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Live Music Slated to Return, Summer 2021

As a long-time fan of all things musical and attendee of thousands of shows throughout the last 15 years, I have paid careful attention to the live music industry since coronavirus impacted it so deeply.

Now, it seems as though it is time for large-scale performances to return. Roughly 13 months after COVID-19 globally halted its production, we are just beginning to see signs of live music’s return in 2021. The industry, like many others, was impacted by complications surrounding the pandemic.

Fans and ticket holders around the country spent the early part of the year in uncertainty, wondering if and when live events would return. As of late March, various shows and concerts are being promoted for the summer at limited capacity. This includes a slated Guns N’ Roses performance at Metlife Stadium on August 5th.

Live events were halted nationwide, as they posed a great risk to concertgoers in the midst of the pandemic. Going to shows involves gathering with large groups of people in close quarters, which increases the risk of coronavirus infection. Thousands of people singing along to their favorite song, could potentially make things a whole lot worse.

Despite this, the announcements come on the heels of increased vaccination among NJ residents.

Many questions remain. What restrictions will be in place to keep concertgoers safe? What will capacity limits be like? Will ticket prices rise as limits dwindle? Should I get a refund for that Rolling Stones ticket I bought almost two years ago?! Only time will tell.

Are you ready to get back out and see live music? Here’s a list of upcoming events:

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