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Let's Get Down To Business

Paterson - Do you want to take your business career to another level?

On February 9th, 2023, the business students of PCCC were encouraged to attend and learn about the Rutgers-Newark Business Administration transfer program. Hosted by the Business Leadership Club, staff advisors Khloud Kourani and Dr. Thomas Cox, alongside guest speaker Dean Aaron Gibbs, a Public Administration representative from Rutgers, Newark, spoke extensively about their transfer program and how it can lead you to future jobs in departments such as human resources, executive management, marketing management, and financial management.

In partnership with PCCC, Rutgers has one of the best Public Business Administration programs in the country. With an eighty percent internship approval rate, students are set for success before they even finish the program.

Students are also required to take master’s degree classes, learning skills such as leadership, management, and evaluation, which will further develop said skills for those internship positions and potential career opportunities. This would also provide a head start for students who want to continue their education past the undergraduate level. This would mean that students are earning graduate level credits for an undergraduate rate! PCCCs matriculation agreement with Rutgers-Newark will provide a smooth transition to the Rutgers School of Public Affairs and Administration to complete your Bachelor’s Degree in Public Affairs and Administration.

With this program, students are required to get an internship as well as the help to acquire a job to kick-start their career. Not only do students acquire internships, but they also receive help with the actual job process from professionals. With these benefits, there is no telling where a person’s career may take them. Students interested in the Rutgers-Newark business administration program can find more information at:

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