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Inside The Mind of a Master Procrastinator.

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

Students, your assignments will be on The London Great Smog. Must be typed in APA format with a minimum of 7,000 words in times new roman font. And a signature from the dean's offices is required, or you've failed the class. Also, the assignment must be transcribed in papyrus with ancient Egyptian numerals firmly and deeply custom made on the right upper side of the letterhead. There will be a quiz with multiple choice. You must hand over both thesis paper and quiz by Tuesday, lateness is not acceptable.

I usually think to myself while taking notes word by word that I'm definitely going to pass this class. I'm also thinking to myself, I'm definitely going to pass this class just because me and the professor share the same interests and we both like The Giants.

I then flip the pages of my notepad realizing the notes were completely off-track, she didn't ask for papyrus nor Egyptian numerals , but she did ask for a 7,000 word thesis paper, or was it 5,000? Scratching my head with the pencil eraser, I ask, why would she ever ask me to hand over a thesis paper to the dean office?

Ok, I admit it, I was not fully present in class, the notes are all wrong and I did not know the answer to question 4; the airborne pollutants killed over 1,000s of people and led many sick to their beds. I was too busy watching The Mummy Returns through out the entire remote class. But how can anyone blame me? Brendan Fraser is the main key to the reincarnation of a family of nine deities and The Rock performs as the Scorpion King; The London Smog can't top that!

The blogger, Tim Urban presented a similar issue in his TED Talk on April 6th, 2016, that examined the ill effects of procrastination. His talk, "Inside the Mind of a Master Procrastinator," explores unwanted impulses and creativity that hack into one's mind. 

He emphasizes how the rational mind's long terms goals are delayed by instilling personal whim rather than adhering to their aspirations. The blogger demonstrates with a graph of his daily workflow, letting the audience know how much of a mess he is. He teaches the audience how inside the mind of a master procrastinator works against us. 

Creatively, he used cartoon characters to depict elements of a person's mind when procrastinating. A stick figure cartoon holds a helm to steer life's everyday decisions. And nearby, an instant gratification monkey easily influenced by the outside world, wreaks havoc. And lastly, a panic monster, who is losing its wits when close to deadlines. More so, the blogger mentions how the procrastination monkey tends to explore and forget deadlines. Inevitably, the panic monster with its alarming voice will let the procrastinator know about the deadlines.

Later in the Ted Talk, Tim mentions two zones, one makes sense zone which are things that make senses to us and one in which the monkey is entirely out of the make sense zones called the dark playground. The dark playground is denoted as an unearned zone with all the negative self-doubt one can ever hold within.

Tim lastly presents 90 blanked boxes depicting the lifespan of a person and further mentions that most of those boxes have been checked off with unnecessary activities in our lives, ultimately because of procrastination.

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