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How the Pandemic Changed Visions

Updated: Mar 9, 2022


March 2020. The calendar in Dr. Redman-Waldeyer's office was stuck in time with no one here to flip the pages it so desperately needed. It has been almost two years since the pandemic struck us with fury, and the Visions Newspaper was not granted exception.

Waldeyer describes since that time she has not had a group of "vibrant students" working for Visions. The newspaper has remained essentially dormant throughout the chaos. “The pandemic feels as if there was basically a war of germs we were left to and we have isolated ourselves in a horror film," she expressed. I’m sure many will agree that nothing has been the same since.

Since we've been back, Dr. Waldeyer has been on a mission to revive the newspaper. It is safe to say it has not been an easy journey. Many of the students remain remote, understandably so. But this has taken a toll on their experience as students on campus.

Many that are coming to class in person remain fearful of coming into proximity with each other. Waldeyer states that there is "no longer students lounging around the hallways,” a sight she did not know she would no longer see. It has been difficult to form connections with the students precisely because of this. It takes away from the experience of getting together to bond over their love of writing once again.

Throughout this experience, Waldeyer has managed to find the silver lining. In the modern age of technology, the pandemic served to remind us of how easy it is to contact each other from home.

At the height of the pandemic, she recounted the virtual meet ups that were conducted. She stated, "It made reaching out to each other easier and it gave opportunity for flexibility." The ability to accommodate a schedule for everyone on Visions was beneficial to sustaining the life it once had.

Breathing life into Visions will be a long process, one that will take more than some TLC. Professor Waldeyer recognized that one change will be a catalyst for the new Visions. “All it takes is one student to spark motivation and remind me of why I am doing this," she stated.

The pictures surrounding her office of past members only graze the surface of how enriching the experience has been for Visions. She recognized the impact writing for the paper can have, and exactly how “it encompasses design and focus of newspaper opportunities for creativity”. “I encourage students in the arts to take advantage! You really can’t embarrass yourselves.” She emphasized such an idea because Visions is all about becoming a better journalist.

So, what will 2023 bring for Visions? I am proud to be the spark that lights up the torch passed down from past editors. I hope to be joined by new voices ready to share their opinions and writing skills. It has remained dormant long enough and is ready to erupt with the creative ideas of the PCCC community. If interested in joining, please email me at

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