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How Do You Feel?

I understand the pain you might feel 

It can sting like the electric pulse of an eel. 


How did this feeling come to the present? 

Does it feel bad, or does it feel pleasant? 


How are you reacting to it? 

Are you being violent to yourself? Are you accepting it bit by bit? 


Place your attention to what’s going on inside of you. 

Is the path of Inward-looking making you feel blue? 


Notice where your emotions are making their roots. 

Then dig it up and taste the results of your fruits. 


The light of Awareness will expose the emotion for all to see. 

Through its seeds, you can then plant a new tree. 


A tree where, upon eating its fruit, one admires the inner world of movement. 

Stop trying to find any form of pleasure or amusement. 


It's time to wake up and have a look. 

Don't get caught in the Unconscious Hook. 


It's time to arise from your dormancy, 

And to live life full of harmony. 


One then can see now how urgent it can be, 

To have emotional intelligence as a resource, a necessity. 

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