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HIV Prevention/Awareness Workshop – C.O.P.E & The Wellness Center By: Dixon Rexach Toro

On Monday, January 29, located in M244, C.O.P.E and Wellness Center members Lia Rowe, Autumn Pilatowski, Byron Moran, Yarmeka McCurtis, and Megan Ocampo partnered together to present their audience the importance of how impactful sexually transmitted diseases can be to one’s life and how crucial it is to prevent it from entering one’s body. 

C.O.P.E prevention specialists Sama and Jasmine hosted the event with the intention in mind to educate PCCC students on the importance of STD’s, what to do to prevent oneself from any sexual illnesses, and any immediate steps one needs to take in the pursuit and preparation of sexual intercourse. 

The audience enjoyed a competitive game of Jeopardy where all the topics involved HIV awareness and education. The audience was split into two teams in which they fought to see who would gather the most points. 

Like the world-renowned game of Jeopardy, the audience were asked to answer questions that split up into sections related to HIV, HIV/AIDS Awareness, HIV/AIDS Facts, True and False Questions related to Hepatitis, Prevention Education, and Substance Abuse. Each group answered questions and won prizes at the end. 

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