Here’s the Mind-Set That’s Tearing Us Apart

A Found Poem By: Mirialys Canela, Nayeli Cruz, Walter Picoaga, and Mohammad Saleh

I hate myself What I See in the Latest Blackface ‘Scandal’ Millions of black people affected by racial bias in health-care algorithms A look into internalized racism among Black Unpopular opinion

Don’t Fear a Deafer Planet To Combat Gun Violence, Clean Up the Neighborhood Can America Reform Policing and Fight Crime at the Same Time?

Unpopular opinion

Internalized Racism is learned, so it can be unlearned

Clean Up the Neighborhood Clean Up the Neighborhood Clean Up the Neighborhood

Don’t Fear a Deafer Planet Hate Crimes and Pandemic Lead More Asian Americans to Seek Therapy

Discrimination, internalized racism, and depression: A comparative Unpopular opinion

On the Discrimination of Romanticisms

A Racial Reckoning Is Underway

Half of LGBTQ workers have faced job discrimination

Marriage Equality Hits All-Time High

Where is the gender reckoning? One more piece of the puzzle.

The Battle to Be Me.

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