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Have you been to the Panther’s Den Student Lounge yet? Come check it out!

Author: E.J. Jefferson, PCCC student

This is a new era of Passaic County Community College. I am E.J Jefferson, the Panther’s Den Student Lounge manager. You might be wondering what is the Panther’s Den Student Lounge? This is a student space that is on the Paterson campus through the gym to the left. This student lounge used to be called the Game Room but students voted during the Spring 2023 to rename this space to accurately reflect its intended use. The Panther’s Den Student Lounge is a part of the relatively new Center for Student Engagement.

I am also a current PCCC student, so I understand fully what a dedicated student lounge means to us. This space is intended to give students an area where they can relax, connect with their peers, feel a sense of belonging, and be comfortable. Students can do their homework, play video games, card/board games, pool/billiards, or listen to music. This space is for all students no matter what your interests are. Mentally we needed a spot where we can unwind and think, create, and just do us.

Here it is - The Panther’s Den Student Lounge. Help us to make it more of our own. The more we collectively create, take care of this space, develop it by suggestion, keep it clean and respecting others and the space itself the better it is going to be for all PCCC students. If you have any feedback for the Center for Student Engagement staff here let us know by filling out this Microsoft Form:

So, stop by, we are open from 1 PM – 4 PM Mondays – Fridays for the rest of the Fall 2023 semester. We anticipate being open earlier in the day come Spring 2024.

See you soon! Go Panthers!

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