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Galentine's Day Beats Valentines Day

To left is Sumayyah Lebron and Maryam to the right.
Photo credits: Jaymarie Martinez

After taking a survey of over 100 students about their plans for Valentines Day, it became evident that Galentine's Day has taken over the holiday at PCCC.

Galentine’s Day was originally the title of the 16th episode of the second season of Parks and Recreation. Lead character, Leslie Knope, who is the Deputy Director of Parks and Recreation of Pawnee city, creates a holiday for her female co-workers, Galentine’s Day.

Galentine’s Day consists of spending the day with your best “girl” friends and exchanging gifts.

It would be assumed that only single women participate in Galentine’s Day to forget the fact that they don’t have dates for Valentine’s day. But this is not the case!

Criminal Justice Major, Alondra Acosta (20) said, “my date can wait for Saturday, I’m spending the night with my best friend tonight!”

From the survey, 36.3% prefered to have a girl’s night out rather than being by themselves or on a date.

The second most popular option for the night was “Me, Myself and My Bed” which came in 30.4%.

Although many did not have plans for dates, they most certainly had plans to spread love on this affectionate holiday.

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