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Financial Aid: The Money that Pays the College Experience by Paul Angel Perdomo & Dixon Rexach Toro

Updated: Mar 13

On Friday, March 8, 2024, from 3-4:30, located in the Center of Leadership Excellence (A125), Kyara Castano, Chief Coordinator of the State Financial Aid Program, held an event to talk to new students of Passaic County Community College (PCCC) about the importance of financial aid.

Resources pertaining to financial aid and grants is available to everyone. The workshop includes information about financial aid, student loans, and effective savings. The goal is to hopefully shed some light on the process to new PCCC students and investigate about the financial aid resources later.

         When it comes to applying for college, applying for financial aid is one of the essential factors in order to aim for a degree of one’s choosing. Without financial aid, paying the sum total of the tuition back to PCCC will bleed out one’s wallet, hindering their post-college plans. Applying for financial aid will help pay for their academic career and students don’t have to pay the school back.

There are 3 types of aid:

-       Federal: a program where students are given a grant, loan, and federal work-study where the students are either attending college or a trade school.

-       State: financial assistance where a state offers an eligible residential student to help students reduce the tuition cost.

-       Scholarships: They can be useful but students must meet academic, talent-based, athletic-based merit, or merit found within other areas of study.


All three aids are different in helping college student’s academic expenses.

The workshop explained what financial aid is and how useful it is to new students who are aiming to get a degree, the consequences of not applying in the later future, and the three different aids that is either given or earned.

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