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Embracing the Unknown: Upcoming Editor-In-Chief Jadelyn Villa Takes Action! by Dixon Rexach Toro

Clifton, New Jersey has its very own diamond in the rough. 

At a young age, since attending Clifton High School, she had been in service to her community and exercised a philanthropic attitude towards her hometown as she participated in paid internships, volunteer work, and community events to those in need whenever possible, radiating goodwill and altruism wherever she goes while coping the struggles that come with a teenager - school, work, and building one’s future.

Being an exceptional citizen of the Passaic County community, Having her roots formed within the streets of Clifton, and putting her heart and soul into the neighborhood around her, Jadelyn Amaris Villa embraces her home as she decides to carry on the responsibility of being the very voice of Passaic County Community College (PCCC), as she bravely accepted to be the next Editor-In-Chief of PCCC’s student-run newspaper organization, Visions Newspaper.

One might even claim that she exceeds the expectations of the responsibility she will be faced with as she has the personality and the charisma to complete her tasks at Visions Newspaper:

"…I’ve always been a social butterfly so I like talking to people and meeting people in my community. At work, I interact with so many people and I think that really builds my character and helps me learn to adapt to different situations in that way."

Jadelyn works as a Service Team Leader at Panera Bread where she knows all too well what it means to hold a leadership position and to hold the fort during difficult times. It is quite noticeable to point out that Jadelyn Villa seems to uphold the spirit and essence of the Arts, as she grew up to be very fond of literature and journalism which essentially equips her for the role of being an Editor-In-Chief:

"…Whether that’s creative writing, poetry and short stories, or journalistic writing…I loved reading and literature all my life so it’s good to be here and study something that I love."

Jadelyn Villa is a college student enrolled in Passaic County Community College and is currently studying English as her major. On top of the much-needed skills she has gained throughout her life to be fit for the role, she is refining said skills to give her best performance as she partakes in her studies.

Her love and passion for English Literature isn’t the only motivator that is pushing her forward: It’s the abundant amount of determination and courage to trek toward the Unknown:

"…I’m really determined when it comes to things like when I was offered the position, and said ‘yes’, I really committed myself…I don’t back away from challenges even when it gets hard and stressful…"

Through a strong will and great focus, one can overcome life’s greatest obstacles. Jadelyn reflects such a trait in her personality and uses her creative abilities to thrive in this area of life. It is the same trait that can grant her a successful career working at Visions Newspaper’s editorial office and cause her to do well in her future as an English teacher. Jadelyn truly values human connection as her motivation in life, and she thanks all the previous teachers and mentors in her life for driving her endless pursuit of education.

As Jadelyn proceeds with her quest for higher education, she has plans to transfer to a 4-year college, major in English Education, and hopefully create a connection with the environment around her through writing. 

Jadelyn continues her philanthropic lifestyle by attending community events, volunteering, and internships. She also currently holds full membership in the Alpha Eta Chi chapter of The International Honor Society, Phi Theta Kappa.

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