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Committee of the SGA

By Stacey Suero –

The Senate Student Program Committee meeting is a small piece of what SGA does for PCCC. The SGA plan events for all campuses, they take into consideration what students want for the school and try to make it happen. SGA also does their best to make students feel welcomed and appreciated. They have done incredible things to make PCCC fun and memorable. The October 18th meeting from 1 to 2pm was filled with lively people who made everyone feel welcomed for coming.

One of the most memorable events that they covered was Hispanic Heritage month, where students learned the culture of Hispanic and Latin people. Spectacular food and music were displayed, and astounding artwork was shown. SGA did a wonderful job to represent Hispanic heritage. They also did a wrap up fiesta as well, to saying goodbye to Latina Heritage month that was well received and everyone loved it.

Another wonderful Hispanic Heritage Month event included the Cafe Grantis where they used the classic Café Bustelo that every Spanish person knows. Although there are some that are not fond of coffee, those that do enjoy the sensation of tasting coffee feel nostalgic for it. It was a wonderful way to celebrate with a nice cup of coffee.

Another interesting event that they did and is still happening now is the Panther Pride, where students wear PCCC merchandise and post them on Instagram to send to the PCCC Instagram and to try to win a pair of either Airpods or Samsung earbuds. And although the event to win Samsung earbuds ended on October 3rd, there is still a chance to win Airpods on December 5th.

An exciting event that SGA will cover is Laugh at Lunch where students will be able to meet Monique Latise, a comedian who is a Paterson native on Thursday October 24 from 12 to 1pm. This event shall bring a lot of laughs, food, and a chance to win a Nintendo Switch! This is a day no student should miss out on as it will be filled with laughter and fun!

Fright Fest is almost upon us for the students who will be going to six flags on October 25! Those tickets were sold right away thanks to SGA’s fast paced promotions that encouraged students to join in on the spooky event! That day will be packed with creepy characters, fun rides, and be a night PCCC students will never forget! That is if they make out alive on that night!

A soon to be an event that will be happening in January is Welcome Week. Welcome Week is a fun week where new and current students can attend to have a fun-filled day where they can meet new people or just to see how the PCCC campus life is. There will be clubs, learn more about the school, and there’s a new idea to bring in new food. Another idea is to bring in Arabic coffee for people to try who have never tried it before. There will be a photobooth, music, and so much more!

Also, for spring semester, there will be a spring day! Hopefully it will bring a DJ, Henna tattoos, smoothies, and popcorn. Another idea is to include games like bean bags, or chess, or connect four! Plus Jenga and Dominos! SGA wants to bring a great semester for everyone to enjoy and remember for their college years!

What SGA really wants to show at PCCC is that they want to teach new things, and make things better for everyone. Whatever problems any students have, SGA is there to help in any way they can. SGA wants students to get involved, they want to do events for everybody – to advocate for all students. SGA wants to solve everyone's problems but some students don’t talk about their struggles – this is something SGA wants to work on. SGA wants to do a full day where they can explain what SGA is truly about and how they want to make a wonderful experience for all the students of PCCC across the campuses.

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