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Clifton Library Hosts author Suzanne Trauth: "What Remains of Love"

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Contributed by Hala Said

On October 3, 2022 the Clifton Public Library hosted a book signing event for author Suzanne Trauth for her new book, “What Remains of Love.” Novelist, playwright, screenwriter, and former University theater professor, Suzanne Trauth has been on a long journey of writing. She started writing books about 25 years ago, when she was about 50 years old. She was a member of Mystery Writers of America, Sisters in crime, and the Dramatists Guild.

Trauth is also a graduate of the University of Dayton and Bowling Green State University. She wrote many books about mystery; nonfiction mystery was her favorite theme to write in her novels. As Trauth was writing books, she would go back and forth in writing because she was also a college teacher, but as she taught her college class, she also learned many things. She finished writing her first novel around 2016 called “Show Time.” When Trauth was just a kid, she would ask so many writers about their advice on writing novels, and it was “read a lot to love writing.” Before the pandemic, Trauth submitted work but so many times her work was rejected. In an effort to improve her chances, she hired people to help her write, but she still ended up getting rejected. So one day, Trauth thought that she could just put aside her writings and focus on something else. During the pandemic, Trauth went back and forth to writing her novels. Trauth knew she couldn’t just let her dream go to waste, so she decided to stay focused on her writing. She, then one day, sent out her writing and didn’t know she got accepted until she saw the tremendous reviews she received from people. Trauth has won awards at the Austin Film Festival and the Screenwriters. She even wrote the film “Jigsaw,” which was nominated for the best film that was screened at New Filmmakers. Trauth is now a member of Writers Theater of New Jersey Emerging Women Playwrights program. She is also a member of the theater faculty at Montclair State University in NJ, where she served as an administrator and coordinator of the BFAActing program. In 2017 she wrote two novels— “Time Out” and “Running out of Time.” Writing two novels in the same year was very intense for her, but she enjoyed every minute of it. Trauth co-authored Sonia Moore and American Acting Training and co-edited Katrina on stage: Five Plays. Her essays and articles have been shown in the Theater Insight, Soviet and East European Performance, Notable Women in the American Theater, and Theater Topics. Before the pandemic, I used to go back and forth to bake because I enjoyed it. However, when the pandemic hit, I decided to bake a lot to become better at it, which made a big difference because now it is very easy for me to bake anything. This is why you should go beyond what you do to become better and hardworking than you already are, said Trauth.

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