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Celebrating the Holidays Once Again

Updated: Jan 19, 2023

Photos by Nahdjah Luciano and Ameenah Zughbi, Contributing Writer Arianne Bakelmun

Paterson, NJ - On December 15, 2022, Passaic County Community College welcomed staff and faculty to get together to celebrate the holiday spirit at The Poetry Center which is housed in the historic Hamilton Club Building on the campus of Passaic County Community College in Paterson, New Jersey.

PCCC staff and faculty were excited to celebrate not only the holidays but to spend time and socialize with their colleagues.

The attendants were excited to reunite with their colleagues for the first holiday party since the pandemic.

“It’s wonderful to be back together again after everything that’s happened,” said Charles Moncrief, Custodian.

Dr. Steven M. Rose, President of PCCC, shared “it feels great, and you can tell everyone is excited about it. It’s important to get together. People work hard and having this is a way to say thank you and a way of them getting see some colleagues that they don’t usually see all the time [which] is important.”

PCCC’s Culinary Arts Department also participated in the event by setting up the dessert section planned by the students.

SGA (the Student Government Association) was invited to collect the toys and help deliver them to the children that attend daycare at PCCC. According to the SGA representatives at the party, these children are Paterson locals, including children of PCCC students and faculty. Thanks to the donations, they will receive fun toys to play with this holiday season.

When asked what the holidays meant for attendants, Chef Philippe Kaemmerle said, “giving back and helping; it’s Christmas and we help people all the time but it’s a special season, so we do more in the spirit.”

Custodian Charles Moncrief, said “It means a lot to me and my family to see everyone gather together.”

Enrique Noguera, Assistant Director of EOF reflected: “Rest and reflection. I won't say relaxation because I'm in a doctoral program, so I have to write.” “Reflection because we're always on an agenda and the priorities are constantly shifting…”

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