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Career Costume Contest & Game Show Meeting

—By Manuela Correa

On the hot afternoon of October 29th at 3:00pm I attended the zoom meeting “Career Costume Contest & Game Show” that Passaic County Community College offered to the students to talk about the students’ majors, but most importantly, to interact and have some fun with others.

The Coordinator of Career and Professional Readiness, Thomas Moore, and the Job Developer, Amanda Jones were waiting for more students to come up to the meeting.

However, I was the only student that attended the meeting, so they asked me about my costume. I was wearing a pair of bunny ears.

They were planning an activity for the meeting. The best costume would win a ten-dollar gift card for the Passaic County Community Bookstore, and fortunately I got it.

After I won the gift card and they asked me for my address to send it by mail, Moore and Jones focused the meeting on me and asked me some questions since they did not want to end the meeting after five minutes.

For instance, they asked me what my major is and what I am planning to do with it in the future. After my answer, Moore gave more advises about my career and what I can do to improve for the future.

Also, they asked me about how many classes I have taken so far, and what classes I am currently taking this semester.

They also wanted to know how I have felt so far with the classes that I took before and now. “I think some of the classes that I have taken before are not going to do anything in my future, but I’ve liked everything I’ve learned so far.” I answered.

“Literature was my favorite class. I loved the romantic period because it was so dark but had some light at the same time. I loved Emily Dickinson’s poems and Edgar Allan Poe’s stories. I mean, they are masterpieces.” I focused.

They said they liked that answer because they saw that my feelings for that class are so deep and pure.

Moore wanted to focus on my professors, so he asked me their names, and how I feel about them. With my answers, he pointed I have excellent professors this semester, and that it seems that I have learned so much from them because of the way I spoke about them.

Besides, Jones was surprised that I wanted some help with my career in the future. “We offer the students some help, but they do not take it” she said.

She meant that students have all opportunities to have a job after they graduate, even before, but with the lack of time or interest hey do not take them.

The meeting ended after thirty minutes of laughs and questions. Moore and Jones offered their services and let me know that I could contact them any time I need help. They thanked and appreciated me because I was the only one there.

After the meeting they went back to their jobs at the Paterson Campus.

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