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By Aniliyah Richardson

Pastel shades of her aura. Glide into the limelight of her ever essence. Neon strikes the spirited growth. Positivity forced higher glows. Pixie coated layers swaying to her own beat. Never to be worthy of her natural worth living inside. Doe Eyed beauty poised in complications. She held amazement to the public yet another disappointment in private. To be held at such high standards. Her maintenance maintained at an angle through her angled structured. Polished frames never equal out of place. But every so often to be remembered her self-esteem was never built in every way. Insecurities of another, seen overlooked. Crawling spirits into the world alone. Forever being another statement labeling the amount of nothing. Hiding behind far beyond layered three sixties. Beneath the skin rooted a silent beauty. Grazing through each demeanor between the two. Passing the door of the unknown to be welcomed home brewing sanctuary. She leaves in regret informed of what life has given her. To be let down by others haven’t shown it is because she is weak. Or to be captured in phases of emotions instead of living her story as a lie. Shying from its light. She continues to hide insight. Waiting for you to shine your light.

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